DIY Laundry Detergent

I was inspired by a dear friend who recommended this blog post and suggested I attempt to make my own laundry detergent. I have to admit, I was super nervous at first. Primarily because I had recently purchased an HE washing machine and was told it was IMPERATIVE that I only buy the expensive HE detergent.

After a little research, I discovered that this DIY detergent was perfectly fine for an HE washer!

Just in case, I ran it by Hubbalicious. As always, a little CYA is in order before a potentially destructive DIY attempt. If this experiment happens to go horribly wrong, he will be the one working overtime to pay for another washing machine, so I need to make sure he was okay with it.  He gave me the thumbs up!

Okay, “thumbs up” wasn’t EXACTLY what he said. I sort of mentioned it while he was playing Modern Warfare and his response was “mmmmmyeahsurebaby”. I figure that was good enough to hold up in court, right?


So I ran to WallyWolrd to gather my supplies! (You can find an exact listing here) With excitement in my heart I skipped into the store ready to try my new experimental detergent. My excitement was short lived when I soon discovered that locating all of these items was like and easter egg hunt from hell! I couldn’t find half of what I wanted, and despite an attempt at getting a WallyWorld employee to help me (bahahahahaha!) I came up short. After 45 minutes of searching, I finally gave up, purchased the items I could find and drove to the grocery store hoping to find the rest. Lo and behold I found the final items! Score!


The directions stated that I could either use a food processor or grate the soap by hand… ummmm,  I am sure we can all guess which direction I went with that one!


I loaded my soap and turned on the food processor. What I had failed to do was properly notify my autistic daughter that I would be using the food processor! Whoops! My head quickly snapped around to find her spinning and jumping and screaming to the noise. Yeah, poor calculation on my part, right? I brought her back down to earth, explained what I was going to do, then started again. This time to much less drama and hysterics than the first time.


What I also forgot to do was put the little blocker in the processor, so after cleaning up my big mess, I found the part I needed and continued on my merry way to DIY detergent!


I layered and stirred all of the ingredients into my giant tub, then filled one of the containers with just enough to keep within reach! Brilliant!

My first load is currently underway and I am excited to see the results. If by any chance it all goes terribly wrong, I will let you all know – right after I tell my husband… while he is playing his XBOX! ha!

***Follow up*** So far it cleans really well and I don’t see any residue in the washer! Only using 2 TBSP of soap per load is pretty darn awesome! I washed five loads today *ahem, don’t judge* and they are all soft, fluffy, but most of all CLEAN! Score one for my team!


5 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Detergent

    1. theaveragehousewife Post author

      ha! Remember all of those receipts I was pulling out of my purse yesterday? The cost is on those! I will need to add it up!

    1. theaveragehousewife Post author

      That is hard core! I had never considered using an old credit card! A skill that could come in handy one day when the electricity is out!


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